Art Blaaaaahg of ehhd ehl

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Just a work in progress.
He wanted a caricature from me last year, but as always I never got around to it and I thought that both Andrea and Oli did better jobs than I could have done.

Any criticism so far? It's not that caricatured, and I want it to be more caricatured... but I also really just want it to look like him.



Friday, September 11, 2009

This was fun. I did a few others out of boredom today, but I like this one the best. Still has its problems, but I'm learning that the only way I really learn is by constantly fucking up and failing rather than simply perfecting to the point of masturbation. And it's that idea that everything has to be perfect that keeps me from having fun with my imaginative stuff. So here's to fucking up.

I'll post the other one that I like later.

All the best,


Friday, September 4, 2009

Finally a couple good drawing days. I really think I'm starting to see the caricature now... I still find it hard oftentimes. And I disagree with my execution a lot of the time after the fact, but I think I'm finally getting some okay designs out of my live caricature stuff. The two things I still need to work on is to really get my shapes to fit together tightly, I get it sometimes I find, but other times they don't quite work. The other thing I really need to strengthen, I find, is my sense of structure. There are a ton of other things that I definitely need to improve... but those are my two biggest weaknesses... That and humor (the hard one, heh).

Just used peach in the shadows to unify a little bit.

I love the way light hits some people's faces.

Late at night is much harder, I find... but I like this night drawing for once. At least I like the drawing of the woman on the right better than some.

Two interesting children.

One of the cutest and most interesting people I've seen. This drawing isn't as good as the second drawing I did of her, I don't think. But it started the first good drawing day off. And she was absolutely fucking adorable too.