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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wanted to post a drawing before the day was through.... looks like I missed it by a few minutes. Nothing amazing. I was originally planning on coming home and drawing, but I got caught up making dinner... and then enjoying it. So just a drawing from the life drawing session I attended tonight. First time I spent more than 15 minutes figure drawing since.... December or so. I was definitely more than a little rusty, but I enjoyed myself and pushed myself to remember the tools to drawing rather than just mucking about drawing willy nilly.

I have a lot to work on.


guno park said...

hey ed,

thanks for the note.. you haven't come by in a while, hope you're doing well. see ya.

Ashling said...

hey hey ed! sorry it took me so long to reply, but thank you for your means a lot to hear from my friends when I'm struggling through an issue =) and you're absolutely right, the intangible: acknowledgment and acceptance are worth more than the material things, and I was rationalizing my feelings. I think that's the way I deal with things. I am an emotional person, but I have a very rational side that fights against it....probably to protect it from getting disappointed or hurt. I think many can relate to that.

Anyway I really like your blog! I'm glad you're "drawing for yourself." I had...and still have a problem with my first year spent trying to conform to a more cartoony style, but in the end, what I like is what I like, we just gotta find a way to learn from all styles and improve our own.

I like your life drawings! especially your clean, confident lines. hope to see you around the AAC sometime!

take care *hugs*