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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Not the best stuff I've done, but I enjoyed drawing today.
I think I learned stuff. Maybe. And, I think, that sometimes that that is all that matters.


kpamir said...

Post some of the realistic stuff you did today!!! I saw one it was quite good imo.

I enjoy them realistic stuffs.

That being said i am quite fond of the drawing of her with her hand up to her lips. Good job on the face, and on the left arm (her right).

I see the whole curves against straights there...... me thinks i should make use of such things.

Andrea Gerstmann said...

I like what you did with the top one... I gather you like your new coloured paper.

el said...

Thanks Khaled. I did the more realistic stuff in order to learn more than to come out with a good drawing. And looking at them now they... are pretty abysmal looking. But I'll post them for you.

Thanks Andrea.
I lost the likeness, and it has all sorts of problems... but I like it regardless.
Randomly colored paper has helped me not be afraid to use abstract color choices. I like where this may take my personal stuff.

jason said...

i dig the one on the bottom right :)

el said...

Thanks Jay. That is my favorite as well.