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Thursday, April 9, 2009

So Joe Parks figure drawing class this past Tuesday was awesome. I was originally going to go back into these drawings and touch them up... But I have far too much other stuff on my plate to spend an hour reworking life drawings. I mean, I want my drawings to have more 'Finish' and finesse; but I have always kept my gesture drawings pretty much free from touch ups. I've made small changes from time to time, but rarely more than one or two lines.

But... We did a lot of "two-pose narrative storytelling". Which is a fancy way of saying that the model showed us where the two poses were going to be so that we could get them to interact, and change them if need be. And Joe at one point during the day said that we could be free to interpret the poses... and if anyone knows anything about how I draw gestures... I attempt to interpret and exaggerate the pose. And, man oh man. This was a brilliant exercise. I had so much fun; I was grinning ear to ear by the end.

Keep rockin, friends.

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Dylan said...


and thanks for the comment on my blog, i meant to reply sooner and explain how i totaly agreed and i had just kind of had realizations about that but then i dunno.... i didn't... and here we are!

great work i love the life you put into these while maintaining structural stuff