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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sorry about the shitty photos in the coming days. I don't actually own a scanner so I take photos of all of my work rather than scanning it. I've finally figured out a set-up that works pretty well too... after this photo set.

Okay. I'm starting with the drawing that I know that most of you haven't seen. (In fact, I'm pretty certain that only Oli, Doug and Adrienne have seen the drawing.)

So... yeah. I'm not too happy with it, but I like the intent of it. You see, I aspire to inspire. And when I find someone that I get along with well I tend to end up simply trying to push them... to give them some of the momentum I've gotten along the way. And I try to do it on a case by case basis. Some people I know I try to push by being incredibly critical and stopping them and forcing them to think about the choices they are making and if they make sense. Some people I try to push in the opposite direction and I tell them to stop analyzing the situation, stop having a plan and just do. And with some people, the only thing I can actually do to help them is to give them blank pages to work with and tell them they should go out in the sunshine and draw every day.

So, to all of you my wonderful friends;
Draw every day. And if you don't draw; simply find a moment to savor, and draw it all in.




Tooninator said...

you're a good guy, Ed.

el said...

Thanks Toon. I try from time to time.