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Monday, November 16, 2009

I've finally managed to get a fairly accurate representation of my paintings online. Both my scanner and my camera seem to color my images away from red and yellow and towards a bright blue, my camera very much so but I also have to compensate for the lights that I use.

But here it is; A painting I did of a drawing I did earlier yesterday. It was a lot of fun to just "treat the paint like paint" and explore that venue while still maintaining a sort of visual vocabulary in order to create a structure within the colors. After a certain point I got all confuddled by the new language I was creating and started, by virtue of a confuddled brain, ruining things, but that's okay because although the final isn't as structurally sound visually as it should have been, I learned a lot and it was a fantastic experience.

Thanks Andrea, I'll try to keep letting paint be paint.

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