Art Blaaaaahg of ehhd ehl

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Just one in progress. This one has been exhausting so far. But as soon as I sit down to paint it is enthralling. I tried to be as accurate to my reference as possible without becoming a slave to it. Oftentimes I find it hard to maintain the truth of my work; being too busy exaggerating anatomical rhythms to be accurate.

Unfortunately it's in one of those pensive moods. I know it isn't finished but it doesn't seem to want me to work on it at the moment. All I would be doing at the moment would be refining unfinished areas (like the hands, face and feet) rather than adding anything to the overall image. It needs something... I know it. But I simply don't know what that something is. Maybe I can sleep on it.


kpamir said...

great job!

love the folds in the suit.

Tooninator said...

very strange and cool. Good technique. Is there a story to this?

el said...

Thanks Khaled. They were fun shapes to paint.

Nope Toon. I found a great pose and thought it strange and funny and wanted to maintain it's strangeness. Overall it was me forcing myself to learn what acrylic paint does.