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Sunday, April 11, 2010

I think I read something about how the darks are your design. How you can do anything in them so long as they reveal the lights correctly. But that is such a painting thought, isn't it? Or at least a thought that exists within portrait painting.

I've been taking photographs recently and it has taught me a little bit about composition. I really like it because it makes you approach every situation with both spontaneity and analysis. And if the photo isn't brilliant, you can evaluate why instantly, recompose an re-shoot. But, as always, there is so much more to know. And I'm really looking forward to pushing myself this summer in a variety of ways. I want to draw a lot. And I want to make good money. And most of all I want to be constantly learning and improving.

Maybe I'll post more stuff soon.



Andrea Gerstmann said...

I like the cars. Especially with the wonked tires contrasting the super solid shapes.

Tooninator said...

The cars ARE great. I feel these are very Bluhm inspired (which is a good thing). Keep posting.