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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Here are the finished drawings from the Keyhole Sessions Sneak Peak exhibition(ism). I wanted to wait til after the opening gala before posting the drawings. But I still recommend checking them out in person as my stuff has always looked significantly better in person than reproduced on a computer.

1214 Queen West. Gladstone Artbar til Tuesday at 5pm.


Dani Woods said...

Man these are really sweet. The scans really do it no justice, the colours are really lost.
I love the style you used with this, so much expression in the second, the first is so cute, and the perspective on that third one <3!

Edward Lillywhite said...

Thanks Dani. Yeah. I always find my work looks a whole lot better in person as compared to on the computer. Part of that may be the terrible quality of my scanner... and the other part of it may simply be me.

But thanks for the kind words.