Art Blaaaaahg of ehhd ehl

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sorry about the lack of updates... the way I upload photos to my computer hasn't been working for essentially a month and I can't figure out another way to get the photos from my phone to my computer to the internet for all of you wonderful folks to see. But... on the other hand that simply encourages me to do more drawings out of the park.... unfortunately I've been working a ridiculous amount of hours and unfortunately haven't been able to do much drawing for myself.

But! I do have one measly update for you. Have a memory drawing. Hope I can update this thing again soon.


Andrea Gerstmann said...

I recognize that face!

Juan Correa said...

i am trying to deduce it.. really good man.. dunno how you tough of that, but i am sure it works

Edward Lillywhite said...

Thanks Andrea and Juan. I didn't really think of it so much as the more I pushed it in this direction the better it worked as a recognizable likeness.