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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I've been trying to make my live caricature's better... I think I'm slowly getting better.


shoelacekeys said...

I agree!


You're famous if only for a few seconds!

Tooninator said...

def already better than last summer. I find these are getting closer to the style of the San Diego dudes and would love to see more Ed in them.

jason said...

The eyes on the top one are what I was talking about the other day.. awesome! There was another at 3 that I really liked too...

man, I really need to start bringing a camera to work.

fridgee said...

Wicked stuff man. I've really been digging many of the drawings you've done that get left behind at the stands. Im really excited to see what you do this summer.

Adam Temple said...

Yeah Andrea! You're gettin gooood! Where are you working to do all this magic?

el said...

Thanks Catherine. Yeah, I remember the camera guy coming over... I was all like "WTF? K."

Thanks Toon. I'm really just trying to analyze these days; I still find it hard to be me in live caricature but I'm working on it. Yeah. Unfortunately those are the guys that I'm looking at a lot at the moment so I do seem to be gravitating a lot towards that... thanks for pointing that out; I'll try to use less of "What would Brian Oakes do?" and more.... "How would I draw you in my sketchbook?"

Thanks Jay.
You'll have to show me why you like it. So I can figure out how to keep that in my other drawings.
Yeah camera's are nice to keep a record of what you're doing. I like my phone cause the camera doesn't completely suck on it. It's not print worthy, but then again I'm not about to put out a book or do prints of caricature's of regular people.

Thanks Fridge,
I'm excited to see what I do as well. I'm really trying to push myself to work on all the things that I know I suck at.

Thanks Adam.
I'm not working anywhere, just wonderland and drawing every day.
P.S. This is Ed.

xenos said...

great job capturing the likenesses...