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Friday, May 22, 2009

I totally promise this won't become some sort of bad habit. I don't want caricatures to overwhelm my blog, honestly. But I like these enough to share.

I'm still working on some things... but the biggest thing I think I need to work on is... personality. I think my drawings are... just drawings. They really have no life of their own. Part of that is the fact that I seem to draw the same neck and angles on a lot of my caricatures...

I also noticed before that I never really exaggerated the external shape of a face... I always simplified it; So now I'm starting to push that a little bit. I'll try to work on more variety in my shapes and relationships... and I think I really need to start learning how to color or at least exploring it a lot more.

There's so much to learn.


jason said...

I think personality is the hardest part of caricature.

I've been struggling to make my drawings more interesting as well. I find that my drawings are getting better in a technical sense(as in likeness, structure, exaggeration, etc.) but the only drawings that really turn out, for me, are the ones with the subject's personality.

This is why I love drawing couples, it's so much easier to get that because they're acting more natural.

keep working on em, yer drawings are looking pretty suite!

el said...

Thanks Jay.

I've been touching it here or there every few drawings these days. And every time I do it makes me want to conquer it that much faster. Sometimes when I get fast, accurate exaggeration my drawings turn out well and touch the personality of the person in front of me... but the best ones are where I am actually able to... feel the personality of the person in front of me and draw using that as a guide almost.

But those drawings are few and far between... but I'm trying harder and harder to reach for it... and it is becoming easier to flex that muscle I find. So maybe by the end of the summer I'll be doing good drawings.