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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Today was rather interesting for me. I did my usual Monday routine, except I stopped by Curries to pick up some color sticks for Wonderland. And it was gorgeous out so I stopped by the nearby coffee shop and grabbed a coffee and a BLT and did the schedule for two weeks from Today starting Saturday. And I doodled in my book. But this recent sketchbook has been fighting me a bit... it's been asking me to draw the same old thing time and time again and I'm really rather frustrated with it considering how wonderfully creative the conversation I had with the previous book was... so I was tempted to pick up a brown paper sketchbook at the Curries but decided against it. And after that I went to AboveGround and picked up some clips and went along my merry way to school where I... didn't do much of anything. I ended up sitting outside in the sun and listening to my music for an hour... then getting a burrito and sitting outside in the sun for another half an hour before deciding that I really wasn't in the mood to draw slow drawings in a half lit studio. So I decided it would be for the best to bugger off and not feel guilty for it rather than sitting in the sunshine half guilty for wasting non-work day not working on anything. After which I went to the Java house and grabbed a pint and sketched and then went to Dr. Sketchies where I... sucked. I got three drawings that I liked... one of which I tried to clean up and ended up ruining. And another that I just got bored with after a little while... and I also got this:

So yeah. I think I prefer shitty cheap ass sketchbooks that I can just draw in to snobby sketchbooks that tell me what to do. Thanks to my buddy Fridge for picking this book up, and to Juan and Freddy for chilling out with me for the night and making my guilty work-free day complete.

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Tooninator said...

I like this guy. Good luck with the battle over the sketchbook