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Sunday, May 24, 2009

I really don't want this to become a caricature blog because... as much as I like caricature I find that I'm really not all that good at live caricature. I'm always in a rush to get things done, I never plan out the compositions for my body situations so they're always a horrible mess. I like doing it and I find that it really pushes me to strive for excellence... but I also find that... frankly, I suck at it.

That being said; I love doing it. If it wasn't for the fact that theme parks... suck and the pay isn't much better than minimum wage as an average over the course of a summer... I think I'd be prepared to do live caricature for the rest of my life. In fact, I think I hope to maintain it as a skillset because I think that it really opens your eyes.

Today was a weird one for me.

I started out drawing... really rather badly. But my first sale of the day was a fantastically unique and interesting looking boy that I had a field day drawing. And I did my best to exaggerate the hell out of him while maintaining accuracy. After that I was hit or miss for the remainder of the day.

Some of the drawings were just... bad. But on the other hand, some of my drawings I really rather liked. And the sad and funny part was when I had fans were always during my worst drawings of the day. Sad but true.

But as my colors have improved from abysmal to passable... I think this coming week I am going to push my coloring and go as far as I possibly can because it seems as if I am finally hitting a stride where I can exaggerate and maintain a likeness and still keep a decent amount of speed in the drawing. I still seem to spend a lot of time on my color... but I'm getting better and I can whip out parksketch colors when it gets busy, or I can actually take my time and figure out the coloring... but I find I tend to make the same choices regardless of whether I am analyzing or I am going further in depth... and that simply means that I haven't found many choices in my analysis to work with.

So this week... expect my colors to be... abysmal before they become better.

Oh. I did two drawings I liked today. One was of a girl, just a black and white head drawing... but she was one of the most unique and interesting girls I have ever seen. I wish I had taken a photo of that one. And the other was this one. I just wish the colors were stronger.


Andrea Gerstmann said...

dude, use c dub to dump caricatures

el said...

I know. But this was blogworthy I think... and the other ones just suck.