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Monday, October 26, 2009

I'm trying to paint better, as I have two paintings that I'd like to finish as gifts for people before the end of time. So as the paintings simply were not working out, I went ahead and started two others to learn how to think more like a painter might. Two different approaches. But some of the way I like to paint is starting to make sense. The first was far superior halfway through. It had a lot less bullshit going on and was by far a stronger painting... I reached that point of "Oh. It looks good. I'll just make one more dab at it..." really rather quickly with it... and after that final dab all I was doing was trying to bring it back. I really need to learn how to move forward rather than simply trying to save what I've already done. The second one was created, mostly, out of color leftover on my palette.

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Adam Temple said...

You should name your blog, "Drawings of myself - and other sketches" I love that sleeping tiger!!