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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I just wanted to share some drawings from The Keyhole Sessions which I have been trying to attend fairly regularly. I really rather enjoy it as it is a little bit risque, a lotta bit sexy and I absolutely love it when two (or more) models interact. The interaction adds an entirely new dimension to your drawings and keep me from simply copying and forces me to figure out how to compose a drawing to tell the story of their interaction.

Oh. And I also drew baboons and orangutans at the zoo... a good while ago now.


Tyler Johnson said...

nice sketchwork ed. that keyhole session looks interesting. kinda wish i could join in. haha
And here at great america is pretty good. you know how it goes. haha

Juan Correa said...

these all look so fun to do... specially those shapes you got with the monkeys are good..

el said...

Thanks Tyler. Yeah.. I'm really enjoying The Keyhole Sessions. Very much up my alley. Yeah. Theme park caricature is theme park caricature.

Yeah.. I really enjoyed struggling with the orangutans and baboons... it was very rewarding.